Akilon Wastelands

Akilon Wastelands minimap

Akilon Wastelands is the third map in the series of “Starcraft-ish” style maps for Evolution RTS. This is based heavily on an actual Starcraft 2 ladder map. Starcraft 2 fans will undoubtedly immediately recognize it, as it was an official ladder map for quite some time. The actual play area on this map is smaller than the other two, because of it’s shape. Crystal Spires poke above the hazy cloud layer, Energy Spires litter the platforms. There are numerous ways to flank your enemy. There are even destructible rocks at the foot of each starting platform. In order to make it through to the low ground, you must first kill the destructible rocks. Of course, you could always use All-Terrains, but it is still an annoying roadblock.

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Fetid Marsh

Fetid Marsh minimap

Fetid Marsh is the second map in the series of “Starcraft-ish” style maps for Evolution RTS. The main starts are on two diagonal platforms, with only one exit ramp. A lake in the middle makes getting from one side to the other a bit more tricky and introduces a natural chokepoint. There are also ramps on the lowest platforms allowing access to the water so that amphibs may go around the edges for a sneak attack.

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Battle for Planet XIV

Battle for Planet XIV minimap

I have been working on a new set up maps to replace the hodgepodge mess of random maps that is now used on the hosts and distributed to players. These new maps are using a “Starcraft-ish” style of platforms and ramps and in my testing, they play far superior to the other styles of maps. This one was released some time ago, but I am giving it it’s first post here. I am working on an updated version that will feature ambient background sounds and better detail texturing on the ground.

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