Gameplay updates, Factory changes, h-bot Tweaks, Morphing Improvements, New UI Enhancements, Music Player, New News Contributor!

Hello there people! I am your new news contributor (hell of a tongue twister eh?) RSAStudioGames! I will be helping Forboding Angel out with posting updates. So lets get right into these new and amazing updates!

Teching and Unlocks / Generators

Generators will no longer unlock tech upgrades, there will now be a dedicated technology facility which can be upgraded to grant tech levels 1 through 3. Each tech level will unlock certain units from your factories. Tech level one will unlock the basic units while tech level three will unlock the more advanced units. For example, if you have an all-terrain factory, by unlocking tech level 3 you will have access to units such as the Anarchid!  Also, in an upgraded factory, your units will receive a 20% increase in health and weapon damage making it of vital importance for winning late game battles!

The tech facility is the building that is glowing green.

Building HitPoints

Building HP is now directly linked to how much that specific building costs. For example, a Lightning rod will have more health than a Kmar shield tower (not including its shield) because of its cost difference.

h-bot tweaks

Next, h-bots have had their fire rate nerfed to fire slower yet steadier. However, turret deployment now results in a 4x HP increase. This is a fundamental change form the original idea of giving turret deployments more range, damage and health. In testing it was a little too easy to exploit. The h-bot engineer can now be deployed into an engineering turret that can build other h-bot turrets! It will also repair units and buildings within it’s healing radius! It is similar to the ORB, however it’s range is slightly smaller.

Morph Progress

The morphing visualization is now improved so you can easily track the progress of your unit morphs! This is a really nice addition seeing as how it was sometimes quite difficult to know morph progress, and it ended up being more of a “best guess” scenario.

Building Ground Plates

The next improvement is more of an aesthetics thing, but it is still quite nice for those of you who are quite OCD about what their bases should look like! There is a new building ground plate that seamlessly fit with each other (kind of like lego bricks) to make your base look much more organized!

New unit icons!

We now have new unit icons thanks to Dmdr! Units and their types are now much more accurately portrayed.

Automatically generated build menu hotkeys (And cost display)!

Finally, we now have a new UI improvements! Big thanks to Floris and Commonplayer for their sizable contribution in creating the new UI. The UI’s buttons and bars now have a glow effect to them. Also, the options menu also allows you to quickly and easily set advanced graphics options while in-game! Another improvement is that the build menu now has hotkey shortcuts so you can quickly place down buildings saving seconds of time for you to get those units out there! The unit costs are now also directly displayed on the build icon!


New music player UI

Something that we have all been waiting for has been completed! Floris and Forboding Angel have created for us a music player! This will now allow us to have basic music controls such as volume, pausing, and playing! The player will also allow you to advance to another track. The track name will also be displayed for those of you who are curious!

Control Point Visuals

And finally, as our last notable update to the game for now, Floris has been kind enough to help improve our control point visuals! This has been a work in progress for quite some time, but thanks to Floris, the UI and the visuals that get drawn on the map are now very professional grade, complete with animations. Additionally, Commonplayer has implemented control point self-stabilization. What that means is that when you own a control point and an enemy steps foot into that control point, the point itself starts to neutralize. The departure is that now when the enemy leaves before fully neutralizing the control point, the point will revert back to it’s fully captured state instead of remaining half-neutralized.

Misc Updates

In other news, thanks to the contributions of many people, the wiki is now underway! We have been adding page after page and guide after guide to help everyone out! Come check it out!

Secondly, we are planning another get-together soon! Nothing is scheduled yet but, we are going to make it the best event for the beginning of 2017!


Anyways, I wish you guys a happy new year and lets get to playing some Evolution RTS!

(Enjoy these epic battle screenshots!)