New Unit, Texture Updates/Upgrades, Unit Icon Updates, Heat-mapping, Bug Fixes, Changelog!

A base screenshot, depicting several economy structures protected by shields and a B.O.X.

Hello there, I’m back and here to give present to you the new Evolution RTS changelog for February and March!

Major Changelog Notes:

Alright, the first order of business is the new unit! This unit is named B.O.X. It will go around collecting energy cores and turn them into MidKnights! The builders will no longer turn energy cores into MidKnights but will instead turn them into metal.

The B.O.X.

Metal Extractors have been added back into the game (as an option, disabled by default)! They have been given a new texture and in my opinion, I think they look better than before!

All units have been given a major texture upgrade and they all look much cleaner and better made.

The GUI has been cleaned up and looks nicer now. For example: Buildings will now turn red when trying to build in control points. Armour and damage types are now easier to identify while zoomed out.

Heat mapping for unit pathfinding has been added to the game for better and more efficient unit movement (but YMMV at times).

There is a new energy to fire formula for units and buildings. Range will determine how much energy the shot takes.

Commanders have received some minor changes regarding the factory, builder, and cloak commanders.

All-Terrain engineer has been removed from the All-terrain factory and added to the Overseer build list. The All-Terrain engineer has also been made amphibious. Overseer can be rebuilt if it is destroyed (it’s not cheap). Factories can no longer build engineers.

New shield effect results in less performance usage (pictured below)!

Several Kmars protecting 2 Lightning Rods.

Minor Changelog Notes:

  • Lua-mex is automatically disabled in games. Must be enabled in multiplayer server options
  • Metal extractors drain 2.5 energy per second.
  • Bomber range increased slightly
  • Factory Overseer able to build upgraded factories
  • Increased builder overseer power to 3x
  • Increased cloak overseer cloak and jamming range to 800