For Windows and Linux (Recommended)

Download the Spring Web Lobby (Portable) (Recommended)



Download directly from the download page!


Recommended Computer Specifications

2 Ghz Processor, 4 gb system ram, Nvidia 9 series (or better) Graphics card (or ATI Equivalent)

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 1.6 GHz with SSE

RAM: 512 MB

GPU: 64 MB Nvidia Geforce 6 graphics card

If you want to get my attention in the Lobby, either private message “[Evo]Forboding_Angel” or just type “[Evo]Forboding_Angel” in the chat and I will receive a notification.

Once you have joined the server, make sure to join the #evolution channel! (type “/j #evolution” (no quotes) into the chat and hit enter)

Need help installing? Post on the forums!