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Messing with music: What your mother never told you…

Posted on: 08-07-2018

The Enigma TNG is back!!! But it gets even better! We recently got permission from the AMAZING Dreamstate Logic to use his music in Evolution RTS! If you haven’t heard either of these guys, let me just say that they are INCREDIBLE. That is what your mother never told you, because she wasn’t cool enough […]

Drones on a low budget  – 4 Strategies to make it work

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Aircraft have been revamped, renamed, and are now Drone Platforms. Aircraft (Drones) in the Spring Engine are a difficult beast. They are unpredictable, impossible to really control. In a lot of ways, it’s almost as if aircraft in the spring engine follow form over function. By that I mean that they tend to look really […]

The top 5 most annoying things about Defensive Turrets

Posted on: 08-05-2018

If I had the smallest sum of money every time that I thought that I had defensive turrets dialed in, I would be an exceedingly rich man. However, past failures of balance help shape the balance of tomorrow, or something like that. But while we’re on the subject of pointless lists…

The Future is all about flashy Effects

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Evolution RTS has seen a little bit of an effects overhaul recently with regards to base structures. In this screenshot I tried to cram all of them in one shot, but I’m missing a few. Regardless, the effects are actually color coded to show the structure’s tier level. Orange is Tech 0; Orange and blue […]