Evolution RTS News

Resource layouts, Extraction schemes, Visual Representation, and how I fixed it.

Posted on: 04-30-2018

The Issue: Mappers currently take a shotgun approach to resource layouts. They try to put resourcing locations in strategic places, and try to define resourcing amounts that will work for most, if not all games using the spring engine. Unfortunately, that approach will generally work well for one game, and be fairly mediocre for others.

New Resource Bar?

Posted on: 04-08-2018

The issue: The old resource bar displays too much information in a very small space. This causes confusion and frustration in players as they are trying to simply understand basics, like building and giving orders. This is my method for fixing the problem.

Changes, Improvements, New stuff…

Posted on: 11-13-2017

It’s been a long time since we’ve made an update announcement. Many things have changed since then, and a lot of improvements have been made. We are continually working to make the game better.

A base screenshot depicting several economy structures and a B.O.X.

New Unit, Texture Updates/Upgrades, Unit Icon Updates, Heat-mapping, Bug Fixes, Changelog!

Posted on: 04-16-2017

Hello there, I’m back and here to give present to you the new Evolution RTS changelog for February and March!