Evolution RTS Discord Server! v10.00 Released!!! h-Bot units ingame! New Loadscreens! 5 ways that playing Evo cures cancer (You won’t believe number 3)!

PeeWee Headline Image

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Hows that for a clickbait title eh? So to address the elephant in the room, Yes v10.00 has been released. It is simply a stable version of the alpha I have been working on. The funny thing is, the alpha is more stable than the previous released version and plays nicely with more computer setups, so it ends up being a plus all the way around. Just a warning, this post is going to be quite heavy on the imagery…

Lets have a look at the h-Bot units

First up is the h-Bot PeeWee:

PeeWee Headline Image

The weapons aren’t final, but at the moment he has a Railgun Shotgun. It’s pretty sweet.

Second, we have the h-Bot Thud:

h-bot thud

The Thud has an area of effect plasma cannon. It’s not terribly powerful, but it blankets the area that it hits with pain, so for all it’s weakness, it makes up for it in effect.

Third is the h-Bot Pyro:

h-bot pyro

The Pyro has an exceedingly nasty flamethrower that has a habit of incinerating anything that happens to be unlucky enough to get in front of it.

4th and last, but not least, we have the h-Bot Rocko:

h-bot rocko

The Rocko fires a salvo of missiles that aren’t terribly accurate, but they have a large area of effect and are excellent for suppression fire.

It should be noted that the hbots still have a way to go before they make it into the game, there is testing and balancing that has to be done, and balancing these guys might take a little while. They also need a factory model and I have to get their engineer scripted and in-game.

New Loadscreens

I’m just going to dump these here. The original ones are still there because I made them and it took forever and I like them, but the new ones were taken using screenshots from inside “Space Engine” which is a ridiculously cool and free Engine that allows you to explore our known universe. It fills in the gaps procedurally based upon the information we have about these heavenly bodies. But enough of that… Eyecandy!

























I wasn’t kidding when I said it would be heavy on the imagery.

Miscellaneous Updates and fixes

I had the opportunity to go through the orders menu and make everything have a tooltip and a hotkey. That was a bit of an undertaking, but the orders menu looks a lot nicer and uniform now, and hopefully it is more usable as well.

There were a lot of other little fixes here and there as well, mostly graphics related, but a few gameplay related ones as well.

That’s it for this round. Rest assured, there is more to come!