The top 5 most annoying things about Defensive Turrets

defensive turrets

If I had the smallest sum of money every time that I thought that I had defensive turrets dialed in, I would be an exceedingly rich man. However, past failures of balance help shape the balance of tomorrow, or something like that. But while we’re on the subject of pointless lists…

1. Balancing the damn things

Everyone gets a different vision in their minds about how defenses should look and operate. We conjure up grand visions of the lone defensive turret fending off hordes of enemies and looking heroic in the process. Then reality sets in and you realize that these things need to be much more utilitarian than heroic.

2. Accepting that even though they are balanced, they might not be terribly useful

This is an exceedingly common issue. To make a defensive turret useful is to make it unbalanced. So then you’re left with the realization that even though they are balanced, why would anyone want to spend any resources on building something that isn’t particularly useful?

3. The backlash from players who innocently build your useless turrets

But… They’re balanced. Amirite?

4. Realizing that even though you can come up with some niche reasons why your defensive turrets are useful, in the grand scheme of things, they suck.

And even moreso than this… when a particularly gifted player finds a way to exploit your useless turrets in a way that makes them overpowered in ways you never imagined.

5. Coming up with a brand new rebalancing scheme that doesn’t suck.

Finally, you admit defeat. Your Defensive turrets are teh sux0rz and you need to come up with something that pleases everyone, otherwise your head is in jeopardy of landing on some sort of digital pike.

So… What did you come up with?

Defensive turrets now have much shorter range and lowered hp, but exponentially increased lethality. The range is carefully controlled to be in between the average ranges of raiders and main battle tanks. This makes them very good vs raiders, but causes their usefulness to decline the more sufficiently advanced the opponent. So far, in testing this has proved to be an overwhelmingly positive approach to turret balance.