Messing with music: What your mother never told you…

Dreamstate Logic The Enigma TNG music

The Enigma TNG is back!!! But it gets even better! We recently got permission from the AMAZING Dreamstate Logic to use his music in Evolution RTS! If you haven’t heard either of these guys, let me just say that they are INCREDIBLE. That is what your mother never told you, because she wasn’t cool enough to find them on her own.

Seriously though, PLEASE give these guys some love. They are incredible artists and deserve all the recognition and love they can get, and if you’re like me, buy everything they have put out because, frankly, they deserve it. I have paid for Google Play Music for years, so it’s been forever since I actually bought an album. That changed the moment I found The Enigma TNG, and when Damgam introduced me to Dreamstate Logic I fell in love immediately.

Here are links to check these guys out, Please do! I cannot explain how awesome their stuff is!

The Enigma TNG

Dreamstate Logic

That’s all their info! Check out their music ingame, it’s an awesome experience!